Read other ESL/EFL Blogs!

For those of my students that decide to do the e-portfolio, and also as a source of inspiration for your group weblogs, I recommend to take a look at this list of interesting blogs that Larry Ferlazzo has compiled. He lists a number of weblogs that deal with topics from the fiels of English as a second language (ESL) and English as a foreign language (EFL). If you find two or three blogs whose latest entries you particularly like, you might want to subscribe to their future entries with a feedreader. If you need more advice on how to set this up, ask me on Tuesday.

These blogs provide teaching ideas and thoughts about the subject we are dealing with and it will for sure be worth it to take a look at some of them. You might like some of the ideas, or be inspired to create your own lists of methods/topics/whatever for your e-portfolio. After all, you can see what other blogs look like, as an example for your group weblogs.

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Since my name has changed, this weblog will no longer be updated. All posts for future classes can be found in my new weblog.


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